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Protecting the Rights of the Wrongfully Harassed

Being subjected to sexual harassment is an extremely difficult situation to deal with, whether it occurs during your leisure time or in a workplace setting. Most victims of sexual harassment feel embarrassed and ashamed and are therefore deterred from taking action.

You may feel isolated, which is exactly why you need the Woodland Hills sexual harassment lawyer at the Law Offices of Ali Taheripour to serve as your voice. We protect our clients and make sure the individuals or companies that allowed for something as intrusive as sexual harassment is brought to justice.

Whether it is filing with administrative agencies or civil courthouses, we assure you that we fight for your rights and abruptly end any further actions that could be deemed as sexual harassment. Further, we ensure that you receive compensation for the psychological pain as the victim of someone subjected to sexual harassment.

We are here to listen to your story and provide the legal assistance you deserve. Call (818) 629-1121 or contact us online to get started.

Examples of Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment can come in many forms. Additionally, anyone regardless of gender can be a victim or a perpetrator of sexual harassment. While sexual harassment lawsuits tend to originate from the workplace, occurrences can happen anywhere.

Though sexual harassment doesn’t always look the same, some examples are below:

  • Asking about someone’s sex life
  • Asking about someone’s sexual orientation
  • Asking for sexual favors
  • Brushing up against a person in an inappropriate and purposeful manner
  • Following a person around who doesn’t want the attention
  • Inappropriate and suggestive touching, rubbing, or grabbing of someone’s body and/or clothing
  • Making insulting comments about someone’s gender identity or sexual orientation
  • Making sexually offensive gestures, remarks, or facial expressions
  • Physically preventing a person’s movements
  • Repeatedly asking for dates despite being rebuffed
  • Sending unwanted suggestive or lewd emails, letters, or other communications or
  • Sharing images of a sexual nature around the workplace
  • Staring and gawking
  • Telling lewd jokes or sharing stories about sexual experiences, especially when unprompted or unwanted

I am Being Sexually Harassed at Work. What Can I Do?

Sexual harassment is often associated with the workplace. If you have been sexually harassed at work, you can file a lawsuit against the harasser, prove that their actions have legally constituted harassment, and seek compensation for the damages inflicted upon you.

There are two primary ways to legally prove that you are a victim of sexual harassment, which are “quid pro quo” and “hostile work environment”. Quid pro quo occurs when a superior demands favors of a sexual nature in return for various benefits, including job security, money and gifts, promotions, and more. A single instance of quid pro quo sexual harassment will lead to liability. To show that there is a hostile environment, a victim of sexual harassment needs to prove that the harassment has been pervasive and severe, and it can either be verbal or physical. You should contact a skilled employee rights lawyer in Los Angeles immediately.

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Sexual harassment can make you feel powerless, but that doesn’t mean you are. Abusers rely on their victims not taking action. If you have been sexually harassed and would like to discuss your legal options, please do not hesitate to reach out to our firm today. All consultations are completely confidential and come with no obligation to retain our legal services. We are here for you.

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