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Personal Injury

Woodland Hills Personal Injury Attorney

Our office has successfully litigated personal injury cases all the way to trial when the offer made by the insurance company does not meet the actual value of the case. The insurance companies are aware of the reputation of the Law Offices of Ali Taheripour when it comes to litigation. They know that we are not going to budge under their tactics nor will we allow them to dismiss our clients as just another nuisance.

The Law Offices of Ali Taheripour take pride in successfully representing clients and evaluating cases above and beyond most other attorneys. Our Woodland Hills personal injury attorney has successfully litigated and obtained settlements and verdicts in excess of a million dollars whereas prior attorneys have attempted to settle for the minimal amount offered with the sole intention of making the client go away.

If you are looking for strong, firm, and confident representation, look no further than the Law Offices of Ali Taheripour for Personal Injuries. Contact our Woodland Hills personal injury lawyer by calling (818) 629-1121 today!

We Don't Back Down

An accident can have devastating effects on your life and that of your loved ones. Serious physical injuries can and often are compounded by the long-lasting effects of emotional wounds. Insurance companies are not interested in the grueling process and details of your personal recovery, nor in the fact that it is a lengthy journey fraught with unforeseen and heavy expenses before your life can finally get back on track. Insurance companies are merely interested in assigning a number to your loss and they will do their best to capitalize on your fears, doubts, and uncertainties by pressing you to accept the smallest possible settlement, even when the accident was not even your fault.

For Personal Injuries, at the Law Offices of Ali Taheripour, we make it our goal that you obtain every compensation for your loss and damages that you are entitled to under the law and that are necessary for you to regain all you have lost and suffered after your accident. This includes reimbursement for all your past medical bills as well as future medical treatment. You are further entitled to any lost income for missing employment due to the accident. Finally, you are entitled to recover for pain and suffering due to the stress and anxiety of an accident. The Law Offices of Ali Taheripour take the time to evaluate each and every claim and we refuse to settle any case for less than the true value.

Contact our Woodland Hills personal injury attorney by calling (818) 629-1121 today!

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We’re here to help answer your questions. Judicial matters can be complicated, our lawyers are on hand to help inform you of every aspect regarding your topic. We take great pride in using our experience for you and look forward to hearing from you.

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